Container Handling Equipment

It's a fact that one in four container movements around the globe is handled by a Kalmar machine. So it won't surprise you therefore to learn that no-one knows more about container handling than Kalmar. We undoubtedly have the broadest range of specialist equipment available so that, whatever the application, there's an efficient handling solution available. In this section you'll find details on our Empty and Loaded Container Handlers, Reachstackers, Straddle Carriers, RTG Cranes, Ship-to-Shore Cranes and ASC Cranes. All our products benefit from the latest technology which improves performance, efficiency and operator effectiveness. Many also benefit from Smart Automation features which set the standard for the ultimate machine performance. Click on the sections below for further information.

Loaded Container Handlers

Kalmar DCF 360CSG-450CSG

When we designed the Kalmar DCF top-lift we already knew the detailed status of all the main alternatives on the market. Hence, we designed a machine which meets or exceeds the specifications of the others – on the spec sheet and in reality.

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Empty Container Handlers – 7000Kg to 10000Kg

Kalmar DCE, DCF

If you need to stack up to 9 high, then Kalmar's Empty Container handlers are the machines to specify. Fast paced, precise and safe, these are the ultimate range of specialist lift trucks.

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Reachstackers – 10000Kg to 45000Kg

Kalmar DRF100 – DRF450

Synonymous with Kalmar's reputation for high performance, our Reachstackers provide one of the most flexible container handling solutions for ports and rail terminals. Also available with a combi-lift attachment for handling swap bodies and special attachments for industrial handling requirements.

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Straddle Carriers – 40000Kg to 50000Kg

Kalmar CSC, ESC, ESC-W

If your business calls for the movement of between 100,000 and 4,000,000 TEU per annum, then Kalmar's Straddle Carriers are built for the task. Our 7th generation machines provide the optimum choice for every type of Straddle Carrier operation.

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Shuttle Carriers – 40000Kg to 50000Kg

Kalmar SHC240, SHC250

Kalmar shuttle carriers provide the fastest method of container transfer between ship and stack. Kalmar can also provide a completly automated 'driverless' shuttle carrier solution.

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Rubber Tyred Gantry Cranes – 40000Kg

Kalmar RTG

Kalmar's RTG is the technological frontrunner in the market and comes fully equipped with Smartrail® , the auto steering and container position verification system. Our machines have been developed specifically for the ever-changing market requirements.

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Ship to Shore Cranes

No other organisation can boast over 100 years of Ship-to-Shore Crane experience with excellent product quality, innovative and reliable designs and worldwide professional support.

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ASC Cranes

When it comes to Automatic Stacking Cranes our customers get proven solutions to meet their specific needs. These electronically powered units make it possible to achieve 24/7 productivity whilst keeping operating costs to a minimum.

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